Benefits Of Almonds: How To Skyrocket Health?

The benefits of almonds for human health are countless. Just by eating moderate quantity almonds every day, you can cure many of your health problems.

Almonds contain vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. They are also a healthy source of calcium, vitamin E, phosphorus, and a wealth of nutrients.

So, because of its high nutritional value, they offer many amazing almonds health benefits to you.

You will be surprised, when you knew, approximately 1-ounce almonds contain one-eighth of a person’s daily protein needs.

You can eat almonds raw or toasted as a healthy snack. If you wish, add them to sweet or savory dishes also.

They are also available sliced, flaked, and slivered. Almonds are available in the form of flour, oil, butter, or almond milk.

Actually, they are the most popular tree nuts worldwide. In India, Almonds are commonly known as Badam. So, in this article, you will come to know the badam benefits also.

So, let’s start the journey to know about the benefits of eating almonds.

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Almonds Benefits

Benefits of Almonds for Skin

Almonds are equally beneficial if you are looking for supple, soft skin. When applied almond oil or almond milk on the skin, it nourishes your skin. Almonds are very rich in Vitamin E.

Antioxidants in Vitamin E are known to block free radicals in the body. That, in turn, reduces the signs of aging. It also stops the formation of wrinkles.

Including almonds in your regular diet will give you clean, clear, acne, and pimple-free skin. If you are facing dry skin issues, apply almond oil regularly, and massage the skin.

Almond oil is proven to reduce pregnancy-induced stretch marks also. By regenerating new cells, almonds enhance the tone and texture of your skin.

Applying almond oil under the eyes overnight reduces puffiness and dark circles. The fatty acids present in almond oil cure chapped and irritable skin.

Applying almond oil to the skin will protect it and also reverse the damage which is already occurred. These are some of the extra almond oil skin benefits, I have explored with you.

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Benefits of Almond in Pregnancy

Due to high protein content, it helps in the healthy development of muscle mass in a growing baby. This also induces strength within the mother to deal with the delivery pain.

It also controls the healthy birth weight of the baby. The manganese content also helps in the formation of strong and healthy bones.

Calcium in almonds will help in reducing the risk of hypertension during pregnancy. Calcium is additionally essential for building the bone and teeth of the baby.

Fiber regulates the bowel movement and helps in easy digestion of food. This reduces the risk of constipation.

The riboflavin content in almonds helps in the cognitive development of the baby. The magnesium helps in the proper formation and functioning of the central nervous system of a baby.

Folate in almonds is critical for the healthy formation of the brain and nervous system of the baby. Folate also helps in protecting the growing baby from neurotic defects within the prenatal stages of growth.

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Benefits of Almond for Brain

Because of the healthy level of Vitamin E, Almonds are known as Brain Food. They have been shown to prevent cognitive decline, and preserve the memory for the long term.

Almonds have long been known to improve overall brain function. An almond increases the levels of acetylcholine in the brain that helps improving memory.

With improved memory power you can fight with Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-3, polyunsaturated fatty acids will delay age-related brain decline.

Vitamin B6 promotes the production of neurotransmitter chemicals that further improve communication between brain cells.

Vitamin E in almonds is responsible for slowing down the aging of brain cells which might impact memory power.

Almonds are moderately rich in lean protein. This lean protein helps repair damaged brain cells. Though Zinc is known to boost the immune system, it prevents brain cells from bacterial or viral infections.

To improve the brainpower, just eat eight to ten overnight water-soaked almonds. These are some of the benefits of soaked almonds.

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Benefits of Almonds for Heart

Eating almonds can reduce the danger of heart conditions by keeping blood vessels healthy. They significantly increase the number of antioxidants in the bloodstream. This reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow.

Adding around 50g of almonds to an everyday diet for a short period will improve heart health. You could replace an oily snack with a bag of almonds which will reduce your risk of heart disease.

Healthy monounsaturated fats, found in almonds, positively impact heart health. Almond consumption can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving blood lipids.

People who like to take advantage of almonds’ heart-healthy benefits will need to increase consumption.

Almonds are loaded with healthy proteins that improve heart health significantly. Almonds will lower LDL (bad cholesterol) thanks to the presence of fatty acids like Omega 3, oleic, and palmitoleic acids.

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Benefits of Almond Oil on Hair

Almond Oil is one of the most commonly used hair oil for generations in India. The oil is light and aromatic hence used by masses. Almond oil is extremely important for healthy and beautiful hair.

A dandruff build-up affects the hair follicles and hair roots. Almond oil helps in the softening of dandruff which loosens its hold on the scalp. So, it can be easily cleaned out with shampooing.

The inflammation and infection build in hair can be reduced with badam oil. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of almond oil, it soothes and reduces the inflammation of hair.

Baldness or hair loss is a major problem worldwide. The main cause of hair loss is dandruff, lack of proper nutrients, dryness of hair, etc.

The mineral-rich almonds oil boosts hydration and also promotes the re-growth of hair. As almond oil has rich minerals, regular use helps avoid hair loss.

Almond oil has rich antioxidants like vitamin E . These Antioxidants neutralize the problematic free radicals that affect hair health.

The essential fatty acid in almond oil helps to moisturize the scalp and also helps to grow healthy hair.

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Benefits of Almonds in Digestive System

Almonds are good for digestion. Eating almonds will help improve digestive health by increasing levels of beneficial gut bacteria. As well as being high in vitamin E and other minerals, almonds are now believed to extend good bacteria within the gut.

Almond skins have 50% dietary fiber and almonds contain about 12% dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is resistant to digestive enzymes and passes undigested to the large intestine where it interacts with the intestinal mucosa and microbiota to reinforce gut health.

So, Almonds can be beneficial to the gut and digestive health. Therefore, it may be wise that you incorporate almonds into your diet regularly.

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Benefits of Almonds in High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is a common health issue affecting millions worldwide. However, rich potassium food like Almonds can help you in reducing it significantly. Potassium is a mineral that will help you in lowering blood pressure.

The magnesium in almonds will additionally help lower blood pressure levels. Low magnesium levels in the diet can be highly improved by adding almonds to your diet and thus control blood pressure. Correcting a magnesium deficiency will definitely solve your problem of hypertension.

Almonds have more monounsaturated fat content which helps in the reduction of high blood pressure.

A low-sodium diet will prevent or lower high blood pressure definitely, and almonds are naturally sodium-free. To limit your recommended sodium intake, choose unsalted almond products. So, it is a wise decision to add almonds to your diet.

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Benefits of Almonds in Diabetes

Almonds are especially good for people with diabetes. It could help to maintain healthy levels of blood glucose for men and post-menopausal women who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Research has shown that almonds will reduce the rise in blood sugar and insulin levels after meals. The Magnesium in almonds will help to reduce a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Eating almonds will help increase insulin sensitivity in people with prediabetes. Almond is one of the healthiest nuts which you’ll increase your diabetes diet.

Raw almonds are best for diabetic people. You can consume it early morning or as an evening snack. It is not suggested to eat salted or fried almonds for diabetic patients.

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Benefits of Almonds to Improve Eyesight

Eating Almonds is generally good for eye health. Almonds contain vitamin E. This vitamin will guard against unstable molecules that focus on healthy tissue. Consuming regular amounts of vitamin E can help prevent age-related degeneration also as cataracts.

This Nut is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which boost your eye health and protect the eye’s cells from free radicals that could break down the eye’s tissue.

Eating eye-healthy foods is one of the ways to protect your eyes. You can enjoy salted or soaked almonds as a snack at any time. They are also tasty if you add them to your breakfast cereal, yogurt, or salads. Just remember to stay an eye fixed on serving size.

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Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are numerous other benefits of almonds for the human body and mind.

Almonds are also used as a solution to some other health issues constipation, coughs, respiratory disorders, etc.

So, now tell me in comment, which health issue you will like you to cure or reduce by adding almonds to your daily diet?

benefits of almonds for good health

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