How to use Biotin for Hair Growth? (Detailed Guide)

When people experience hair loss, they rush for some hair oils or home remedies. In many cases, it doesn’t work. So, what is the solution? Here you will find an answer to how to use Biotin for hair growth?

Most people do not understand how Biotin truly works? How biotin is beneficial for hair growth? Or, how to maximize their Biotin intake and combat hair loss?

Now if you decided to use biotin for hair growth, there are products available. Alternatively, you can add biotin-rich foods to your diet.

When analyzing Biotin products you may get confused about which one to use. All products claim they are designed specifically to promote hair growth.

To help you choose the best way to integrate Biotin into your hair care routine, we have put together a comprehensive guide on biotin for hair growth. So, you can begin your hair growth journey.

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biotin for hair growth

What is Biotin for Hair Growth?

Biotin is a water-soluble Vitamin B that is also known as Vitamin B7. It is an integral component to possessing a healthy metabolism.

Biotin is very crucial for creating essential enzymes in our body. Our bodies process this vitamin to use it as energy. This is why biotin is also called an energy-boosting element.

Biotin helps you maintaining a good digestive tract, metabolism, hair growth, and scalp cells. As you know, your overall health reflects on your hair condition.

Biotin deficiency has been linked to tiredness, alopecia, dermatitis, and loss of pigment in the hair. Biotin deficiency is rare, but if you experience the symptoms, don’t ignore them.

Pregnant or nursing mothers also sometimes experience Biotin deficiency. As a result, there is hair loss observed within this period.

Biotin deficiency occurs in elderly people, athletes, and people with epilepsy or gastrointestinal tract removed.

With this understanding, it is now important to examine how Biotin specifically promotes hair growth and overall hair health.

When searching for any new product to integrate into your routine, it is necessary to conduct preliminary research. This includes the product’s composition, suggested dosage, and potential benefits or side effects.

Can I use Biotin for Hair Growth from the Scalp?

The short answer to this question is Big YES. There are scientific studies available for this conclusion. Biotin has the ability to metabolize fatty acids and amino acids. This is why it helps healthy hair growth from the scalp.

Hair strands are primarily comprised of Keratin, (a type of protein). Amino acids are the compounds that form all proteins. Biotin is known to be vital to metabolizing these acids. This makes Biotin capable of producing shiny, healthy, and growing hair.

In addition to this function, Biotin also helps nourishing hair follicles.

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What is the best dose of biotin for hair growth?

The dosages can be varying from person to person. According to the health condition, the doctor can suggest you the proper dose.

Below are the basic recommended dosages of Biotin by age group. These numbers are just a starting point.

Before taking Biotin, it is important to consult with your doctor. They will determine the right dosage for your age, height, weight, and metabolic processes.



9-13 years

20 mcg

14-18 years

25 mcg


30 mcg

Pregnant women

30 mcg

Breastfeeding women

35 mcg

So, now take a look at which form of supplement we can use.

Types of Biotin Supplements Available for Hair Growth

Biotin comes in many forms so one can use it according to their health condition.

Some may find it used in the form of a pill others may use it in the form of oil or shampoo.

Below are a few of the types of Biotin supplements available. Integrate into your daily routine as you like and enjoy healthy, strong, beautiful hair.


Biotin capsules for hair growth are the most popular form of a supplement. There are plenty of brands available so you can integrate them into your daily routine.

Biotin hair growth pills, found in form of soft gel capsules, hard gel pills, liquid capsules, and chewable tablets.

While some people prefer to take a daily Biotin supplement in addition to their multivitamin.

However, these are not the only options; there are also many different types of Hair, Skin, and Nail supplements available.

No matter which supplement you choose, it is vital to analyze all available options. Determine the positive and negative effects of each, and then make a wise decision.


In recent years, many available shampoo products enriched with Biotin. Shampoos that contain Biotin provide essential amino acids to hair. Those promote blood circulation and repair damaged hair follicles.

Biotin enriched shampoo is a great way to directly fuse Biotin into your hair follicles. It allows your body to get ample amino acids that need to form healthy and strong hair.


Biotin hair growth supplements are also available in form of hair oils. This oil can be directly used on the scalp.

For maximum hair growth, massage it on the scalp so hair follicles get proper blood circulation. With increased blood supply to the scalp, it stimulates hair growth.

In addition, concentrated Biotin oil infuses amino acids into hair follicles. Its oily texture helps to moisturize and strengthen the hair.

If you don’t like to take supplements, add biotin-rich foods to your diet. This natural way you can boost biotin intake for hair growth. Below are some food sources for your ready reference.

Biotin Rich Food Sources for Hair Growth

Many foods that benefit your hair are naturally rich in Biotin. However, this doesn’t mean that all sources are created the equal results.

Biotin can be found in two forms one is protein-bound and another is free. Protein-bound Biotin is most commonly found in animal and bacteria cells. On the other hand, free Biotin is much more common in plants.

The human body can utilize both forms of Biotin, but free Biotin is easier for the body to process.

When your body encounters protein-bound Biotin, it must work to split the protein and Biotin apart before it can harness the benefits of Biotin. For this reason, it is commonly believed that plant-based forms of free Biotin are more beneficial options for hair growth.

Below is a list of some of the top foods that are rich in Biotin and will help give you the extra boost you need to get hair growth.


In addition to their numerous other benefits, avocados are a great source of Biotin. A single avocado gives you 2 to 6 micrograms of biotin.

Avocados also rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. These all are beneficial in the hair growth process.

Vitamin C is an extremely powerful antioxidant. That is essential in the production of skin collagen. This vitamin also protects Vitamin A and E from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Vitamin E also strengthens capillary walls, which aids in promoting blood circulation to the scalp and thereby stimulates hair growth.


Legumes are a wonderful source of Biotin, in addition to folic acid, and beneficial in healthy digestive processes.

Green peas are one of the best sources of Biotin. Per 100 gms of fresh peas can give you 40 micrograms of Biotin and 70 micrograms when in a dried form.

Lentils are another beneficial form of Biotin, with an additional 40 micrograms per 100 gms.


Protein is a main component of eggs and is a primary building block that forms hair follicles.

Eggs boost healthy hair and prevent hair loss because they are rich in protein, as well as Biotin.

By regularly consuming eggs, you will boost the required quantity of protein your hair receives. That results in increased hair growth and improved hair quality.

By maintaining a healthy protein diet, you can prevent your body from tapping into the hair’s protein stores. Thereby ensuring it gets the protein to form strong, healthy hair follicles.


Almonds also possess a high amount of Biotin. This is an ideal snack to consume when attempting to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Most people don’t know that a handful of almonds each day are important for hair health.

Almonds possess high levels of Vitamin E and Magnesium. Those are required to promote hair growth, hair thickness, and to improve overall body function.

Almonds also contain monounsaturated fats, which highly improve hair, skin, and nail health.


Cauliflower is a vegetable that is known for its ability to remove toxins from the liver. Among the all nutrients cauliflower possesses a high level of Biotin. One serving of cauliflower can give you 5% of the average daily Biotin recommendation.

Not only is cauliflower extremely rich in Biotin, but it also contains high levels of Vitamin C and many other beneficial compounds for hair growth.

Cauliflower is relatively bland in flavor, making it an easy addition to any meal.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are also an extremely healthy and nutrient-rich form of a snack.

These seeds contain Iron, Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Magnesium, and Biotin. Those all offer different benefits that help promote healthy hair growth.

Cold Water Fish

Coldwater fish is one of the best natural sources of Biotin available to us. To add a quick boost of Biotin, consume meals that incorporate sardines, tuna, salmon, trout, and herring.

They also possess high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the concentration of fat in the arteries. That improves blood circulation, reduces bad cholesterol, and improves hair texture and strength.

Because cold water fish are Biotin-rich food sources, they are ideal when attempting to promote healthy hair growth.


Spinach possesses a high level of Biotin and protein, which are essential to healthy hair growth.

In addition, spinach is also extremely rich in Iron and sebum. Sebum is a natural conditioner that nourishes the hair and scalp.

Spinach also contains high levels of vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B, Folate, Vitamin E, and Omega-3 Acids.

Spinach can easily be added to your diet as it can be cooked in a number of ways to add nutrients to a meal. It can be eaten raw as a salad or can be added to a smoothie to give a nutritional boost.

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For healthy hair growth you can use Biotin in various forms. You can use it in the form of pills or can be consume foods that are rich in biotin.

When you take biotin in any form just make sure you are taking proper doses. If anything adverse happens to your health, stop it immediately and consult your doctor.

Which method do you like to boost your daily dose of biotin for hair growth? Put it in comment below. If you found this guide informative do share it with others.

How to use Biotin for Hair Growth When you are Losing Hair

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