Penis Pump Selection Guide For Harder Erection

Are you unable to satisfy your bed partner because of your smaller penis size? Will you like to grow your dick and get a rock-hard erection? If YES, Penis Pump is the best solution for you.

When you consider buying a penis pump, the first question arises in your mind, Will they work for me? The simple answer is YES, they work if properly selected. There is plenty of medical data available to confirm just how effective they are.

There are plenty of websites that sell penis pumps.  They make exaggerated claims about the kind of results you can expect. Frankly, all claims are not reaching expected results.

With this in mind, I have included detailed information that answers all your questions. When you finished reading, you can decide if a penis pump is going to be right for you or not. If Yes, which kind will fulfill your needs.

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penis pump selection for rock hard erection

What is a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps known by many different names. They are called “vacuum erection devices” (VEDs), “vacuum constriction devices” (VCDs), “vacuum pumps”. Sometimes also known as “vacuum training devices”.

Although some of these names might give you the impression they’re more medically-focused items. They are actually ways of describing the same thing.

A pump is a device that draws blood into the penis. That offers significant enlargement by encouraging better blood flow.

Penis pumps are completely pain-free if properly used.  Often used to help people suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Equally, can add exciting different sensations to your bedroom activity. This makes a penis pump the most popular sex toy.

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How Does a Penis Pump Exactly Work?

They are made up of the following parts:

  • A vacuum tube that fits over your penis
  • A pump seal that sits snug around the base of the penis
  • A vacuum pumping device that removes the air out of the tube

Some penis pumps are electric battery-powered. With a small air pump motor that sucks the air from the tube. Others are hand-operated; meaning the user has to pump the air out of the tube manually.

You might found the information complicated but a penis pump is actually incredibly simple.

When your penis is inserted into the tube, the device creates a vacuum seal around the base of your shaft.

Then, the pump sucks the air out of the vacuum device. That in turn draws blood into the blood vessels in your penis.

As more blood is drawn in, your penis gets fuller and harder. Resulting, you will get a fully erected penis to satisfy your bed partner.

Often, a penis pump is used with a constriction ring also known as a ‘cock ring’. That helps you maintain a longer sexual stamina.

When the penis pump is removed, you can slide or roll a constriction band down to the bottom of your shaft (near your pelvis).  It makes sure the blood stays where it’s needed, in your penis.

Is Penis Pump Safe for Use?

All this talk of seals, pumps, and constriction rings might sound eye-watering. But it is really nothing to worry about. Modern designs mean even just using a pump can be quite pleasurable itself.

As long as you follow the instructions and use the vacuum erection device as intended using a penis pump will be a safe and healthy part of your sex life.

It is worth mentioning that penis pumps are not suitable for some individuals with certain underlying medical conditions.

I have explored this in more detail below. But if you are in any doubt, check with your doctor to make sure using a penis pump won’t cause you any problems.

Are you embarrassed about Buying Penis Pump?

A penis pump is obviously related to the penis and sex. They are sometimes seen as taboo subjects but that is just nonsense.

Sex, masturbation, sex toys, and different sexual preferences and practices are a part of virtually everyone’s sexual life.

Whether or not you feel comfortable talking about it, you almost certainly know someone using a penis pump.

What’s more, erectile dysfunction is thought to affect around 52% of men at some point in life. So, even if your friends don’t use a penis pump, you can bet some of them wish they did.

Medical penis pumps are sometimes even recommended as treatment options such as following prostate surgery for prostate cancer or following radiation therapy.

So you should not embarrass using it. Whether you are using a penis pump or using it to counter the effects of a lower testosterone level or erectile dysfunction, there shouldn’t be any embarrassment whatsoever. After all, who doesn’t want better sex?

What are the Different Types of Penis Pumps Available for you?

Now I have covered some of the basics. It is a good idea to get familiar with the different kinds of penis pumps available on the market.

Standard Air Pumps

A standard pump is one that is manually operated and uses air for the vacuum. So, at the end of the pump, there’s a hose that connects to a squeezable rubber pump, bulb, or trigger-type pull.

The more you pump, the more of a vacuum there is pulling blood into your penis.

Don’t worry if you have pumped a little too much, all pumps have a safety release valve. That immediately releases the pressure you have built up.

Electric Penis Pump

Electric pumps replace the manual version with a small electric vacuum pump. That pulls air out of the tube without any effort. Therefore, they are sometimes called an ‘automatic penis pump’.

Some electric pumps are a simple on/off function. Whereas others are ‘smart pumps’. That allows you to choose different functions, pressures, and effects to help stimulate growth.

The best electric penis pumps come with a ‘vacuum limiter’. A safety cut-off means they will stop pumping at a certain level of vacuum pressure.

This is a useful function to look for, as it prevents any bruising that could come from over-pumping experiences.

Again, like manual pumps, there is a quick safety release on the pump. So you can immediately release the pressure and take the device off.

Vibrating Pumps

Want to combine penis pumping with some breath-taking new sensations? If so, a vibrating pump might be just the ticket.

As well as being a manual pump, a tiny device makes the pump shiver and shake to help get you harder even quicker.

Penis Head Pumps

A penis head pump is a little smaller than a standard penis pump. It only covers the head of the penis and seals around the shaft just below.

The theory is the same though; the pump enhances blood flow only to a penis head, it is focused on just the tip.

Hydro Penis Pump

Hydro pumps are designed for use in the shower or the bath. Rather than using air to create a vacuum, they use water.

By creating a vacuum with warm water, hydro pumps help to dilate (expand) the blood vessels in the penis to encourage even better blood flow and growth than a standard pump.

As well as being a pleasant, warm sensation, water actually helps to create a more even pressure around the penis compared to air. So you likely to see bigger and thicker results from day one.

Hydro pumps are also shown to give users more permanent growth when used consistently over an extended period of time. Manufacturers will generally include a recommended pumping routine to help achieve this.

Pumps with Accessories

It is probably no surprise to see that vacuum erection devices often come with accessories and added features that are all about pleasure.

The most common are masturbator sleeves that make the grip around your penis more lifelike. These are designed to feel like oral sex and are great for turning your pump into a masturbator.

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Which is the Best Penis Pump for Use?

As you can imagine, penis vacuum pumps are a fairly personal thing. So finding the best one will depend on what you are looking for.

For ease of use, an electric penis pump is extremely convenient. Although they do tend to be more costly than manual pumps.

However, if you are looking for lasting growth using Bathmate Hydro Pump is the best option. They are more effective with longer-lasting results than standard air pumps.

12-inch penis pumps (large size)

Whether you have got a modest penis size that you’re hoping to expand or a larger than average penis that you are keen to get hard on, penis pumps are available to suit you and your length.

Bathmate creates pumps that accommodate up to 12 inches.  So no matter how big you are naturally, there is always more growth possible.

If you do not need a large 12-inch pump, stick with a standard size.

Standard pump sizes are typically 7.5 inches to 9 inches in length.  Standard cylinder widths are 1.75 inches all the way up to 3.5 inches.

How to use a Penis Pump?

Although some of the features are slightly different from model to model, the basic principle of working is generally the same.

  1. Place the tube over your penis. Make sure there is a snug, airtight fit around the base
  2. Pump out the air. It creating a vacuum in the tube
  3. When your penis is erect, remove the tube
  4. Place a constriction ring around the base of the penis to maintain your erection

How to prepare before using a penis pump?

It is important to shave or at least trim your pubic hair as short as possible before you use a penis pump.

This prevents any painful snagging of hair on the seal at the bottom of the pump. It also makes it much easier to create an airtight seal between the device and your body.

How long does it take?

Typically, it takes 2 to 4 minutes to get fully erect using a pump. Don’t panic if it takes a little longer though.

The speed of results varies between different people. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

Are there any precautions to take?

Yes. It is important to follow the user instructions that come with the device. Also, you might want to use a little lube. That will help create an airtight seal.

Some men find it makes things a bit comfier when sliding the device and constriction ring on and off.

Finally, if you use a ring to maintain the erection after pumping, don’t leave it on for longer than 30 minutes. You could cause problems if you cut off the blood flow for too long.

How to Stay Hard After Pumping?

Use a constriction ring when pumping. Constriction rings or cock rings designed to firmly squeeze all the way around the base of your shaft.

It makes sure the blood stays where you need it after you have pumped. Constriction Rings are the safest method to staying hard after pumping.

You need to make sure you only use a constriction ring after pumping. If you put one on beforehand, the pump and the ring will effectively work against each other.

However, when you’re erect, a constriction band will do a great job of helping you maintain your erection.

Like penis pumps, your choice of constriction ring will generally come down to your particular needs and wants.

Some are very practical, a simple silicone ring that is barely noticeable. On the other hand, some are designed with different materials, textures, shapes, or vibrating functions. This is all about pleasure for you or your partner.

Using a Penis Pump with a Partner

Some men like to use their pump solo to work on getting a little more size. Whereas others introduce it into bedroom activity with a partner. There is no right or wrong, just do what works for you.

Some men prefer to pump in privacy and just let their partner feel the sexual pleasure.

Can Penis Pump Increase your Penis Size?

This is a tricky one. In theory, the answer is no. A pump is designed to help you create and maintain an erection.

In truth though, penis pumps can help you get a bigger, thicker penis than you have ever had before.

How? Well, it is all down to how well your penis performs usually.

Let’s say you are a young athlete with an outstanding level of health. If this is you, then frankly, a pump isn’t going to offer much penis enlargement.

Your healthy body is already likely to be really good at pumping blood where it needs to go.

However, if we fast forward a few years things can look very different for us guys. With age, our bodies become less efficient at pumping blood and maintaining muscle.

If you consider yourself in a non-athlete group, then you are likely to get really positive penis enlargement results from a pump and constriction ring.

The gains might not hang around when you are flaccid, but honestly, if it gives you a bit of extra penis length and girth when it matters, who cares?

To Whom Using Penis Pump is not suitable?

 At this stage, I fully appreciate that you are probably ready to order a penis pump and start feeling the benefits.  It is worth pausing for a second to consider a few health conditions before you purchase.

Penis pumps are generally not suitable if you:

  • Have a blood disorder – like Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Have any conditions that cause excessive bleeding or clotting
  • Use anticoagulant medication (blood thinners)
  • Experience priapism (erections that already last longer than usual)
  • Regular pumping exercise can also help as an effective treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and, of course, erectile dysfunction.


Remember, you should never begin using a penis pump against medical advice.

I hope, information shared here is useful to you. If you like share it with your friends. If you have any questions about the penis pump, put them in the comment below.

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