Baby Nutrition- Nestle Nan Pro Stage 2 Formula Powder


This is a Vegetarian product.
  • A spray-dried Follow-up formula for infants after 6 months
  • Contains DHA that supports baby’s normal brain development
  • Also contains Vitamin A, C, D, Calcium, Zinc, and Iron
  • Important Notice: Mother’s milk is best for your baby
  • Infant milk substitute should be used only on the advice of a health worker
  • Bag-in-Box format ensures enhanced safety, hygiene, and convenience
  • Customer Care contact_us on:[1800-103-1947] [+91-124-412-1212]


Nestle develops baby nutrition products backed by evolving science and research. Infant nutrition is that the description of the dietary needs of infants. Infants are usually not introduced to solid foods until six months of age. A Breastfeeding infant was the only option for nutrition otherwise the infant would perish. A diet lacking essential calories, minerals, vitamins is considered inadequate. In this condition, baby nutritional supplements work best.

Breastfeeding is not recommended for mothers being treated for cancer, active tuberculosis, HIV, or leukemia. Here Baby nutrition products promote digestive health, immunity, intelligence, and dental development. Nestle Nan Pro Stage 2 Follow-up Formula Powder is that form of nutrition may be used instead of breast milk. Many baby nutritionists suggest this formula because it provides all the nutrition needed for a baby to thrive and grow. There are formulas specifically for each sort of baby. Up to 6 months, NAN PRO 1 powder is used. NAN PRO 2 is ideal after 6 months. NAN PRO 3 baby nutrition food is recommended after 12 months. While NAN PRO 4 is most suitable after 18 months.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests all infants, breastfed or not, take a vitamin D supplement within the first days of life to prevent vitamin D deficiency or rickets.

Why Nestle Nan Pro Stage 2 Baby Nutrition Formula Powder?

Nestlé NAN PRO 2 maybe a spray dried Follow-up formula for infants after 6 months once they aren’t breastfed. NAN Pro 2 contains DHA that supports the baby’s normal brain development. It also contains vitamin A, C, D, Calcium, Zinc, and Iron. Optimal Preparation: Careful and hygienic preparation of Infant milk substitute is most essential for health.

Do not use fewer scoops than directed, since diluted feeding won’t provide adequate nutrients needed by your infant. Do not use more scoops than directed since concentrated feed won’t provide the water needed by your infant.


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