Baby Oil- Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E

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  • Non-sticky, mild perfume oil
  • Contains vitamin E
  • No irritation to baby’s delicate skin
  • 100% clinically proven mild and gentle
  • Allergy tested; Dermatologist tested
  • Every Johnson’s product passes a 5 level safety assurance process


Baby oil is, in general terms, inert oil for the purpose of keeping skin soft and supple. It is often used on babies for the purpose of maintaining “baby-soft” skin. The skin of an infant, especially a premature one, is sensitive, thin and fragile. Its neutral pH on the surface significantly increases the protection against excessive bacterial growth. The application of different oils to the skin of the newborn is routinely practiced in many countries. In general, these oils are used for cleansing, to take care of the skin’s moisture and to guard its surface. Additionally, an ointment is employed for the massage of newborns and as an additive in lotions and creams.

Typical components of baby oils are highly purified mineral oil products such as liquid paraffin and Vaseline. These compounds are odorless and tasteless. Dermatological tested and approved, not allergenic, and contain no pesticides or herbicides. According to Johnson & Johnson, this mineral oil is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. This means that it’s made to be a mild formula that won’t cause an allergic skin reaction. Additionally, baby oil doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, dyes, and scents. It’s clinically proven to be safe for use on babies.

Why Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E?

Johnson’s ointment with vitamin E is specially formulated for brand spanking newborn babies. Its gentle formula nourishes the skin, making it smooth and soft. This Oil with delicate floral fragrance is clinically proven mild and keeps babies smelling fresh and fragrant longer. It comes with a light fragrance that stays for an extended time. Besides, it is non-sticky. Thus, your sweet little angel won’t feel uncomfortable. The gentle Johnson’s Oil makes it easy for you to offer your baby loving nourishment and your touch helps in stimulating her senses which is critical for her happy and healthy development. Mom’s trust Johnson’s – always mild, gentle and effective.


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