Sex Positions: How to Use for Massive Pleasure

Are you unhappy in terms of sexual pleasure? Unable to achieve the highest pleasure from Intercourse? No Worries, I will introduce you to the 9 best sex positions that will produce intense joy in your sex life.

If you learn these top comfortable positions that will bring you closer with your bed partner. These sex positions guaranteed produce intimacy and pleasure in your sexual activity.

This sex position bucket list reignites your spark and leaves you satisfied in bed. That is why it makes them great.

So, learn these expert-approved sex positions and be the star of your sexual performance. Now let’s start with the benefits of everyday health.

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Benefits of Different Sex Positions in Sexual Life

We all humans always hunt for something new in our everyday life. The same thing applies to sexual pleasure. When you use different sex positions in your intercourse you will get some benefits along with sexual satisfaction.

Below are the sex positions benefits explored for you.

  • A woman can also take an active part within intercourse to achieve multiple orgasms.
  • Some positions help to get sexual pleasure without the worries of pregnancy.
  • When you use different sex positions that add extra spice to your sexual life.
  • Better chances of hitting G-Spot for maximum chances to satisfy women.
  • It will increase your interest in intercourse and getting more happiness.
  • When both of you are satisfied that increases bonding between you.
  • More sexual activity means more calorie burn.
  • Some sex positions are designed for deep penetration means better chances of pregnancy.
  • Sex positions improve your body flexibility.
  • When you better enjoy sex that happiness reflects in your day-to-day activity. 

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sex positions-cowgirl, sitting the chair, side spooning position

Best Sex Positions for Massive Sexual Pleasure

So let me explore some best sex positions. That will bring more satisfaction in sexual life. Some of the positions I personally use. NOT KIDDING…

Cowgirl Position

This is a simple but most pleasurable position for women. Where a woman feels she is actively doing the sex.

How to Finish Cowgirl Position?

  • Man will lie on his back on the bed keeping both legs closer to each other.
  • Allow your female partner to mount on you putting their legs wide apart.
  • Position your penis near the vagina and uplift your hips.
  • Insert your penis from an upright position inside the vagina.
  • Now she can ride on your penis like a cow riding the bull.
  • Ask your female partner to hold the riding position and you can also start thrusting.

Benefits of Cowgirl Position

  • A woman is riding on you keeping her legs apart, it will help the wide opening of the vagina.
  • Easy penetration of penis for a woman having tight pussy.
  • A woman has all the control over thrusting and penetration.
  • Both partners can watch each other’s sexual expressions.
  • This sex position involves deep grinding and better clitoral stimulation.

Side Spooning Position

This position is suitable for both sexual partners. In these sex positions, men and women can actively take part in intercourse according to their sexual stamina.

How to Finish Side Spooning Position?

  • Both partners lie down on a side of the bed facing each other.
  • Your female partner will lift her free leg and wrap it around your hips.
  • Now come closer to her bending your free leg and put it on her straight leg.
  • Position your dick and give a thrust to enter the penis inside her vagina.
  • Hold her back firmly and start thrusting gently for deep penetration.

Benefits of Side Spooning Position

  • As both are lying there is no need to sustain weight on an opposite-sex partner.
  • You can do other sexual activities such as kissing, rubbing boobs with your male partner.
  • Male can rub or press their partners’ hips for better orgasms.
  • Both partners can control how deep they thrust into each other.
  • At the same time, both partners can actively take part in intercourse.
  • Allowing males to focus on sensations by limiting how much they can trust.

Sitting on the Chair Position

This position is suitable when you have no bed available. One of the best sex positions for a highly pleasurable session of sex.

How to Finish Sitting on Chair Position?

  • Ask your male partner to sit on a chair keeping his feet resting on the ground.
  • Now you also sit on your partner facing your back to him.
  • Keep your both hands on his thighs.
  • Bend yourself forward from the hips.
  • Position your vagina according to the penis and insert it inside.
  • Ask your male partner to hold your hips and start moving up and down.
  • If your feet resting on the floor you can also start thrusting.

Benefits of Sitting on Chair Position

  • A woman has all the control of penetration and thrusting.
  • Male partners can play with boobs for extra pleasure if you thrust at your own.
  • She is doing all the activities so you can sit in relax and enjoys the sex.
  • A woman can enjoy deep penetration without long or fast thrusts.

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sex positions- standing ovation, grinding missionary, coital alignment position

Grinding Missionary Position

This is one of the easiest sex positions slightly different from the traditional Missionary Positions. Most suitable for men to show their ultimate sexual power.

How to Finish Grinding Missionary Position?

  • Ask your female partner to lie back on the bed.
  • Bend her legs from the keens and keep both legs wide apart on your hips.
  • Come closer to her by resting on both of your keens and keep hands near her chest.
  • Position your penis on the vagina opening and insert it inside.
  • Push your hips towards her for deep penetration.
  • Once she is comfortable start thrusting with your own speed.

Benefits of Grinding Missionary Position

  • Male have full control over thrusting and penetration.
  • As deep penetration is achieved there are better chances of pregnancy.
  • It’s easier to keep your penis from being overstimulated.
  • Both can enjoy their sexual expressions at a time.
  • Your penis rubs her clit while filling her vagina fully.
  • There are better chances of frequently hitting G-Spot.

Standing Ovation Position

Another great sex position for both men and women to enjoy sex. This is a somewhat unusual position to try. Don’t worry it’s simple and easy to work out.

How to Finish Standing Ovation Position?

  • Ask your female partner to lie on the bed keeping her feet free to air.
  • Put a nice comfy pillow under her hips.
  • Come closer to her and put one leg on your shoulder.
  • Hold her another leg straight in your hand.
  • Position your penis right and insert it inside the vagina.
  • Start thrusting gently so she should not feel any pain or cramp in her legs.
  • Once both are in a comfortable position start deep penetrating.

Benefits of Standing Ovation Position

  • The woman can press her boobs or can do fingering for extra pleasure.
  • This position offers deep penetration and intimacy.
  • Men have an option to thrust fast or slow according to their sexual stamina.
  • She has a greater opportunity to target her G-spot more effectively.
  • No need to sustain the weight of a male partner.

Coital Alignment Position

It is a slight modification of the missionary position. This is a penetrative sex position used to stimulate the clitoris better way.

How to Finish Coital Alignment Position?

  • Ask your female partner to lie down on the back of the bed putting her legs closer.
  • Put her legs free to air in an upward direction.
  • You ride on her putting your legs wide apart and putting your hands near to her hips.
  • Position your penis and insert it inside her vagina.
  • Your female partner will hold your shoulder or back for better support.
  • Start thrusting with comfortable speed to both of you.

Benefits of Coital Alignment Position

  • Deep penetration is possible for hitting G-Spot.
  • Better chances of pregnancy.
  • Eye-to-eye contact makes this position better to feel the sexual expressions.
  • It moves the woman’s mons, venus, over the shaft of her erectile tissue.

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sex positions-butterfly, rabbit, kneeling position

The Kneeling Position

If you are weak or not having much stamina to thrust try this position. Both can enjoy better sex in kneeling positions.

How to Finish Kneeling Position?

  • Ask your male partner to sit on the sofa or couch touching his feet to the floor.
  • Ride on him from front putting your legs wide apart.
  • Bend your legs from your knee and put them on your partner’s thigh.
  • Position your vagina and insert his penis inside you.
  • Ask your partner to hold your hips and start thrusting.
  • You can also thrust by putting your hands on his shoulder or on the couch.

Benefits of Kneeling Position

  • Ideal for a man who has low physical stamina.
  • Face-to-face contact is possible so you can express each other’s feelings.
  • You can choose to cuddle close or lean away for new sensations.
  • This position gives her full control and access to her clitoris and breasts.

The Rabbit Position

If you are interested in anal sex this is the best sex position for you. With this position, you can use some sex toys such as Vibrator.

How to Finish Rabbit Position?

  • Your male partner will sit on the floor or bed bending his legs from the knee.
  • Ask your partner to keep their legs closed to each other.
  • You ride on him facing your back to him keeping your legs wide apart.
  • Position your anal to his penis and insert it in your back hole.
  • Ask your partner to hold you and start thrusting or you can also thrust at your own.
  • Use vibrator for clitoral stimulation.

Benefits of Rabbit Position

  • You can use sex toys for extra pleasure.
  • Your partner can play with your boobs for giving you extra pleasure.
  • Clitoral stimulation is possible while you experimenting with different positions.
  • No chances of pregnancy so you can enjoy better sex.

The Butterfly Position

This position is good for those who are interested in getting more pleasure with less movement.

How to Finish Butterfly Position?

  • Ask your female partner to lie down on the back of the bed.
  • Come closer to her bending your knees.
  • Bend her both legs and put it on your shoulder.
  • Hold her hips and position your penis to her vagina.
  • Insert the penis inside her and start thrusting.

Benefits of Butterfly Position

  • You are in full control over thrusting.
  • Your female partner has not to sustain your weight.
  • Can express sexual pleasure to each other.

All above sex positions need a partner to finish. So, let me share with you some sex toys that can be used solo or with your partners also.

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Sex Toys That Can Be Use Along With Sex Positions

Below are the sex toys that will help you achieve more sexual pleasure. Use these adult sex toys solo or with a partner and skyrocket your sex life.

Cock Rings or Penis Rings

The erection-enhancing rings are unique sex toys specifically for men. Specially designed to make sex more enjoyable and pleasurable.

They have been used to achieve stiffer and thicker erections. Especially for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

A cock ring can offer different sensations that you might not experience otherwise during sex play.

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Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is one of the most iconic sex toys in the world. It’s the sex toy no girl should be without. All rabbit vibrators have a clitoral stimulator and shaft for intense blended orgasms.

To get the most out of your rabbit vibrator, try alternating between just clitoral stimulation, just vaginal stimulation, and then both together.

When using a rabbit vibrator, I always suggest that you use a water-based lubricant.

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Male Masturbators

Eventually, we all want something better than our hands. That’s when most men buy a male masturbators, typically a smaller pocket pussy.

Once you try it, your hand just isn’t the same. They’re made for the kind of stimulation you crave the most.

This will help build your stamina over time like an exercise.  Jerking off before you have sex with your partner can also help you last longer.

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Penis Pumps

This is a mechanical device that draws blood into the penis. That offers significant enlargement by encouraging better blood flow.

There are types of penis pumps available to you such as standard air pumps, electric pumps, hydro pumps, vibrating pumps, etc.

For ease of use, an electric penis pump is extremely convenient. However, if you’re looking for lasting growth you might want to explore hydro pumps. They’ve been shown to be more effective with longer-lasting results than standard air pumps.

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Ejaculation Delay Sprays

It is no secret that many men suffer from premature ejaculation or climax control. It is not fun and frankly can be very embarrassing.

Ejaculation delay sprays for sex are simple solutions for safe and effective ejaculation control.

It’s basically a numbing cream for sex. It numbs the penis and is used to help men last longer in bed before ejaculation.

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I hope after reading about sex positions and sex toys you are excited to apply them. Just move forward and use to give ultimate sexual pleasure to your partner.

If you found these sex positions are the best share them with others. Which position do you feel is the best? What other positions do you apply to your sex life? Put your thoughts in the comment below.

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