Vaginal Dryness: How to Overcome Easily for Free?

Vaginal Dryness is one of the most commonly observed symptoms during menopause age. This is one of the worst symptoms in between 34 symptoms of menopause.

Vaginal Dryness can drastically affect your sexual life. Though is common in one of three women but shouldn’t be ignored or taken it lightly.

On normal days the wall of the vagina stays moist with a thin layer of clear fluid. As the estrogen starts dropping during perimenopause, it makes your vagina less elastic.

Fortunately, vaginal dryness can be managed without medication. However, it is suggested to take expert advice if the discomfort lasts long.

Before going further on how to manage vaginal dryness, let’s know something more.

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vaginal dryness menopause symptoms

What Causes of Vaginal Dryness?

The hormone estrogen plays a vital role in keeping your vagina healthy.

Estrogen helps you keep vaginal tissue healthy by maintaining normal vaginal lubrication quantity, tissue elasticity, and acidity.

As you grow older, the estrogen level starts dropping. When you head towards the 50s the level of estrogen drops significantly.

This dropped level of estrogen in the body is the main cause of vaginal dryness. However, this is not the only reason.

The estrogen level can be drop because of breastfeeding, cigarette smoking, an immune disorder, etc.

What may be the cause of vaginal dryness but that will affect your sexual life.

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How Vaginal Dryness Impact Sexual Life?

That is said, our sexual desire will not die until death especially true for men. So, our body and mind must be healthy to enjoy sexual life.

As you start heading to menopause age, your vagina starts losing lubrication. Due to dryness, gentle friction can also feel your pain during intercourse. Sometimes there may be bleeding also.

As a result, you may lose sexual desire or libido.

While women experience the results of painful sex most directly, their partners are affected also. Men might feel rejected, frustrated, guilty, and fearful about things.

It might possible your partner knows about these symptoms may co-operate you but not all the time.

There might be chances, your partner of getting sexual pleasure from another one. If this happens, it may destroy your married life.

For those having chronic vaginal dryness, communicating sexual needs and desires to your partner is critical.

Your Sexual partner may be unaware of the physiological changes and not know what to do.

Communication helps your partner to learn how best to meet your sexual needs.

Painful intercourse and vaginal discomfort are not problems to be tolerated.

Fortunately below options help you restore vaginal health and enhance the sexual experience.

Foods for Natural Lubrication

Your diet is probably the first place to start in managing symptoms of vaginal dryness.

The majority of the vaginal fluid actually comes from the bloodstream. Fluid rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, and proteins helps vaginal cells strengthen.

A diet high in fatty acids may aid in producing additional vaginal lubrication.

The suggestions for high fatty foods are Raw pumpkin, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and fish especially salmon, mackerel, and tuna.

You should also be suggested to eat foods that contain isoflavones, which can help regulate declining estrogen levels.

Foods that are high in isoflavones include flaxseed, soy, legumes, cherries, nuts, apples, and celery.

Flaxseed is a rich source of phytoestrogens that helps increase estrogen levels and lubricates the vagina.

You can consume minimally-processed soy products such as edamame, tofu, tempeh, and miso.

Sweet Potatoes are high in Vitamin A that strengthens vaginal walls.

Adding Garlic to your meal can provide much TLC to your vagina.

A study in 2014 suggested that women who ate an apple once a day had better sex lives. Phloridzin found in apples is assumed to help better sexual function, arousal, lubrication, and increase orgasm.

Poor diet and hydration definitely affect vaginal secretions, blood flow, and lubricity.

Along with natural foods, some vitamins also help you manage vaginal dryness.

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Vitamins to Increase Female Lubrication

Vitamin A supports the health of vaginal walls, relieves vaginal dryness by increasing low estrogen levels.

It can help maintain vaginal tissues healthy and boost the mucous membranes in the vagina.

That stimulates the secretion of moisture there and promote healthy vaginal functioning.

B-complex vitamins help to deal with the stresses that can cause vaginal dryness.

They also help to the formation of red blood cells that flows blood and lubrication to the vagina. Vitamin B2 known as riboflavin found in milk and eggs.

This is also a valuable vitamin for boosting the release of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Vitamin C is actively involved in the synthesis of sex hormones. It helps build collagen, which gives your vagina its elasticity back and is therefore useful for overcoming vaginal dryness.

Vitamin D helps you decrease the vaginal pH and dryness associated with vaginal atrophy. A balanced pH level helps you decrease burning sensation while having intercourse.

Vitamin E Oil is helpful for rejuvenating dry vaginal tissues especially when taken orally.

Getting vitamin E from your diet may not provide a large enough quantity so you have to take it in the form of a supplement.

Still, you can try Avocados in quantity. This vitamin also increases blood flow to the vagina in turn you get some relief from vaginal dryness.

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Home Remedies for Vaginal Dryness

Besides natural food and vitamins, the below remedies will also help you manage vaginal dryness.

Stay Hydrated

Research shows that about 75 percent of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration.

Chronic dehydration causes many health risks, along with vaginal dryness.

Drinking at least four liters of water every day will help in keeping the vagina fresh and regulating the hormones.

Adequate hydration increases vaginal lubrication. You can also try fresh juices, coconut water.

Avoid Douching

Douching can change the necessary balance of vaginal bacteria (good and bad) and natural acidity level in a vagina.

It also causes an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. So avoid scented soaps, douches, lotions, and feminine hygiene sprays.

These products increase drying out vaginal tissues and making your vaginal dryness worst.

Use Coconut Oil for Vaginal Dryness

You may use coconut oil on the outside of the vaginal entrance and just inside the edge.

Coconut oil is excellent for rejuvenating dry, irritated tissues and for keeping vaginal dryness at bay.

It helps moisturize and lubricate the vagina and relieve discomfort due to burning and itching. Oil acts as an excellent lubricant and alleviates pain aggravated by friction.

Coconut oil also gives you protection from bacteria or fungus. Make sure coconut oil is pure, without other oils or additives.


Regular aerobic exercise helps you boost vaginal tissues. To lower vaginal dryness, any forms of moderate-intensity exercise are very helpful.

You can try a yoga class, walking briskly, or jogging. This is a good, healthy way to increase vaginal lubrication.

Avoid swimming as the chemical in water may harm the vagina.


If you experience pain or discomfort give yourself more time to become aroused through foreplay or cuddling.

Most of the studies show that women who are sexually active have much less vaginal atrophy.

With extended foreplay lubrication to the vagina naturally increases. Your personal massager, can increase blood flow to the vagina and keep the tissue healthy.

It increases vaginal elasticity and pliability, as well as stimulating lubrication.

Watching sexy movies, sharing sexual fantasies, enjoying sex toys and sexy lingerie can also get the juices flowing.

Even masturbating is good for increasing the ability to lubricate. There are some good adult toys available that you can use.

So make sure you enjoy the entire sensation of sexual pleasure before diving into actual intercourse.

If nothing helps you lowering vaginal dryness, consult with a qualified medical professional.

There good treatments available. I will briefly share some of them.

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Vaginal Dryness Treatment

If you have severe symptoms visit your doctor. Expert medical professional may suggest you one of these treatments after proper diagnosis.

Estrogen Therapy

Topical estrogen therapy is the most common treatment for vaginal dryness due to low estrogen levels.

That helps relieve vaginal symptoms. This therapy is not so effective comparing hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Vaginal ring (Estring)

The medical professional inserts a flexible ring into the vagina. That continually releases low amounts of estrogen into the tissues. The ring should replace every 90 days.

Vaginal cream (Estrace, Premarin)

Estrogen cream is an effective and well-tolerated treatment for vaginal atrophy and dryness. Women can use an applicator to apply the cream into the vagina.

Vaginal tablet (Vagifem)

The doctor will advise using a disposable applicator to put a tablet into your vagina.

It should be placed once a day for the first two weeks of treatment. Then you do it twice a week until you no longer need it.


The dryness in the vagina makes you uncomfortable with a burning or itching sensation. This is an embarrassing condition that may stop you from discussing it with your partner or physician.

Take due care so your sex life should not be affected by vaginal dryness.

If you like the solutions, share them with others. Put your thoughts and experiences in a comment.


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